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 CLB 13th MEU

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PostSubject: CLB 13th MEU   CLB 13th MEU EmptySat Mar 07, 2015 3:50 am

Hello gents.

   Little story... Former 13th MEU player.  Joined around June of last year (Had some other affiliations a few years back but started up again), Went through basic and passed all requirements but never played after that...  August rolled around.  Received a call from my recruiter, "Hey son, you're new ship date is August 19th"  "yes sir".  Leave for basic and graduate as a United States Marine on November 11th.  Enjoy my long deserved 10 days of leave and began my adventure at SOI, MCT for a month, but training was shortened by a few days because of Thanksgiving(RAH). Graduate MCT and drive 10 minutes up  the fucking road (MCT was a Camp Lejeune, NC) to Camp Johnson, NC to my 3 month long school.  I'm currently training to be a 3521 and loving every second of it, mind I didn't leave the East Coast.  I recently just found out my next duty station I am to be stationed at for 2 years. I'm being sent to Combat Logistics Battalion 13th MEU.  How crazy is that?  Joined an online community for the milSIM and here I am living my dream, or soon to be.  Maybe its fate, who knows.  Can't wait to move to California a few months. Thanks for reading.

PFC Conley (1st RTBN Charlie Co PLT 1084... still motarted up)
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PostSubject: Re: CLB 13th MEU   CLB 13th MEU EmptyTue Mar 10, 2015 9:28 am

Hey there!

Our new site can be found here: www.fighting13th.com

We have found that there are numerous clans with the title: "13th MEU." This may be the wrong one...nevertheless, welcome aboard--we have had other 13th MEU members join up (one still with us atm) over the years.

13th MEU Command Element
CLB 13th MEU 13thus10
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CLB 13th MEU

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